There is list of facilities available for the guest and the visitor of this hotel. A free parking space is available for the people to drive in, stay or have their meal and leave. Wi-Fi & Wireless LAN is also made available for the guests for them to be easily being able to get an access to the Internet.

If there are any outsiders who are not guests and are in need of Internet access can use the Internet café available in the hotel premises. There is no said time when a guest cans check-in for their stay; a 24-hour check-in is available to be flexible for the guests. And there is a representative always available at the front desk to solve all your queries and accept your requests.

There are rooms available for a conference meeting; a business center is available for the entrepreneurs to discuss their deals. Soundproofed rooms not are disturbed by the outside environment or to not disturb the outside environment as well. Multilingual staff is available for you to communicate easily rather than struggling to have a proper conversation.